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Air conditioning systems are no longer the simple pieces of equipment we knew just a few years ago. Now there are energy ratings, heat pumps and tax credits to consider. We will help you understand the choices you have. One thing is clear: If you shop for a air conditioning system by price only, you will over pay.

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The cost of the HVAC equipment is just the down payment on the total cost of cooling and heating your Irving home. Now we must consider the ten to fifteen year life cycle cost of a heating and air system. The bottom line is an Energy Star rated air conditioning unit installed by our Irving air conditioning technicians will save you thousands of dollars over the next ten years on energy bills. This far exceeds the additional cost of an energy efficient unit.

Heat Pump Repair anjd Installation Irving, TX

The drop in gas fired furnaces is a direct effect to the increase in Heat Pump installations, but the drastic drop in natural and lp gas furnaces is more a correlation to near doubling in cost of heating fuel oils, an industry that may be on its last leg.

Irving homeowners are getting serious about their money and making decisions that directly affects their financial health.  Many are considering and putting into motion, plans to increase the energy efficiency of their home, and the above statistics are proof.

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